It’s been a while …

Welcome to June. Okay, so it’s nearly over already, but when I finally dragged myself back here today I was shocked to see that nine months have passed since my last post. Three quarters of a year in which I’ve been busy. A full gestational term during which my five year old became six, and my toddler became a preschooler. Eeek!

So where have I been? Every time I sat down to write, something felt wrong. So I procrastinated. I clean floors, tidied round, found (Shock! Horror!) OTHER WORK to do. Today the problem finally clicked. Over the months I’ve realised that my passion for Kiddiespace’ as an idea is about more than just ‘doing’ – it’s about celebrating the way in which our kids feel and experience life in general too, and how we, as parents, interact and engage with them in that. My self-imposed frame for the blog was stopping me from writing what I wanted to write. How un-creative is that?

And so I’m back, and my focus has shifted a little – the remit of Kiddiespace is no longer just about doing stuff (although that remains really important!). It’s also a place for reflecting on the space our kids inhabit, and our role as parents in helping them grow into that space and blossom as human beings in their own right.

A place where Kiddie and Parent spaces collide.




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