I am Cally, a writer and proofreader, and Mummy to two adorable children – Ella, who is 7, and Joe, 4.  Having them in my life has helped me to view the world through fresh eyes, and I like what I see.

Keeping them occupied, and encouraging them to do so independently is both a delight and a challenge, so I created Kiddiespace as a place to share ideas for inspiring your little ones (and bigger ones) to get out there and explore life in all its glory.  Over the months I’ve realised that my passion for Kiddiespace’ as an idea is about more than just ‘doing’ – it’s about celebrating the way in which our kids feel and experience life in general too, and how we, as parents, interact and engage with them in that.

And so my focus has shifted a little – the remit of Kiddiespace is no longer just about doing stuff (although that remains really important!). It’s also a place for reflecting on the space our kids inhabit, and our role as parents in helping them grow into that space and blossom as human beings in their own right. A place where Kiddie- and Parent- spaces collide.

I hope you like what you read.  Watch this space for fresh content very soon!


5 thoughts on “About

  1. Dearest Cally,
    I so wish I had, your wisdom and patients when my first born was growing up. I had ALOT of emotional baggage, I was sick and losing my hearing, no support, isolated and had no time to take care of thyself. Things are MUCH better now. And though my son (he’s a man now) does still loves me he, we will never have a nice relationship. It will always be strained. It’s the price that must be paid.
    Sincerely, a remarried mother of 2

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